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1. Mobile Device Etiquette

We at La Belle Nail Spa strive to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation for the sake of our customers; while we do our part, we implore you that you do yours. Thus, please be considerate of fellow customers and set your mobile devices or cellular phones to “mute” or “vibrate”, and keep all phone calls to a minimum when within our business premises.

2. Personal Effects of Customers

La Belle Nail Spa is by no means responsible for any lost or damaged personal possessions, valuable or otherwise, of any customers. Please keep your possessions secure and within plain sight to ensure that they are not compromised.

3. Late Arrival for Appointments

Appointments are valid until fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time. When this “grace period” has elapsed, we reserve the right to consider the appointment as a “no-show”, and thus proceed to give priority in serving other present customers (whether they have appointments or are walk-in customers). If your late arrival cannot be avoided for any reason, please be sure to contact our business beforehand. However, in such a case, please also understand that other customers may be waiting to be served, and while we will do our best to accommodate your late appointment, priority will still be given to serving them. To avoid such situations, we ask that you plan ahead and arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

4. Appointment Cancellation

Untimely appointment cancellations are detrimental to our business. However, we also understand that emergencies or other like situations may arise that preclude you from showing up for your appointment. As such, we strongly advise that if for any reason a cancellation must be made, please do so at a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failing repeatedly to give proper and timely notice empowers our business to request a non-refundable deposit to be paid by you should you wish to secure your next appointment. We reserve the right to refuse service to those that do not wish to honor this agreement. To avoid such a situation, please be considerate of not only our business, but also fellow customers, and give proper notice of your cancellation in as timely a fashion as possible.

5. Customer Satisfaction

We at La Belle Nail Spa take pride in our quality of service. However, if you are not satisfied with the work done to your nails, please be proactive in informing us of such before you pay for services received so that we may either adjust them to your liking, or entirely remove any enhancements or coatings that have been applied. In the unfortunate case that the colors or nail art you have chosen at first are not to your liking after the service is complete and paid for, you may come back within seven (7) days thereafter to have them redone at a special discount. However, please note that refunds cannot be made for any services performed.

6. Guarantee

La Belle Nail Spa guarantees that traditional nail polish will last at least three (3) days after it is applied to your nails. Similarly, we guarantee that enhancements and gel polish will last at least fourteen (14) days after application. However, if you notice any diminishment, chips, or lifting of traditional nail polish, enhancement, or gel polish applied through our services, please contact our business to schedule a complimentary repair. Do note that this service is honored by our business only for traditional nail polish that has been applied by us within the last three (3) days, or enhancements or gel polish that has been applied by us within the last seven (7) days.

7. Payment Method

We accept Visa, Master Card, and Cash Only.

8. Minors

We at La Belle Nail Spa take great pains to create a safe and clean environment for our customers, but due to the nature of the work performed within our business premises, it may not necessarily be an ideal space for children to inhabit. If you cannot avoid taking minors along for your visit, we ask that for their safety, they be put under constant supervision by a parent or guardian. While children are welcome into our business premises, we cannot be held wholly responsible for their safety.

9. Surveillance

For the safety of our customers, please be aware that our business premises, with the exception of the restroom, are constantly monitored with digital video surveillance.

10. Right to Refuse Service

Nevada state law empowers La Belle Nail Spa in reserving the right to refuse services for any reasons pertaining to public health hazards. As such, if any signs of fungus, infection, or the like are discovered, under our discretion, we will immediately stop all services until further notice.